Newman Medical DigiDop 301 Non-Display Digital Doppler w Recharger

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Newman Medical DigiDop 301 Non-Display with recharger

If all you need is to hear the Doppler noises loud and clearly, these audio-only Dopplers offer excellent value. They do not have a heart rate monitor, but they do have displays for signal strength, volume, and battery life.

Newman Medical Dopplers' sensitivity and audio response enable you to swiftly and clearly hear the blood flow sounds. All DigiDop Dopplers feature our cutting-edge Digital Sound Clarity - DSCTM technology. The main unit's sound processor amplifies the noises you want to hear while dampening the ones you don't. Each unique sensor frequency is set up with the DSCTM processing in the best possible way.

The DigiDop speakers are compact but highly effective high fidelity speakers that respond to Doppler noises with an incredibly rich and smooth response.

Newman Medical offers a  five-year warranty. They made sure that the DigiDop will stand up to hard use day after day. The combination of our sturdy design and warranty can save you significant service costs.

All our DigiDop Dopplers come with a ‘bumper-to-bumper’ 5 year warranty. The warranty includes both parts and labor and covers not just the main unit but also the probes and cords. We can offer this outstanding warranty because our design and materials reduce the number and cost of warranty issues.

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